Vision of Woman


The first regional Vision of Woman conference was held on November 13rd, 2019 at the hotel Ramada, organized by the non-governmental association Vision of Humanity. This year’s conference was organized in partnership with UNDP, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and the Capital Podgorica.

The conference was opened by the Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Mehmed Zenka.
The introductory part of the conference included speeches by Daniela Gasparikova, UNDP Permanent Representative in Montenegro; Dr Đorđe Suhih, President of the Assembly of the Capital of Podgorica and Ivona Dabetić Jovović, in front of the organizer of the conference, the non-governmental association Vision of Humanity.

The Vision of Woman conference aims to promote women’s human rights, as well as to establish a strategic dialogue towards the development and advancement of the economic, political and social status of women in society.

The conference brought together about 150 people who were able to enjoy a panel discussion where the participants of the conference covered some of the most current topics, such as the vision of women through Montenegrin history, gender equality from various aspects, the leadership power of women and her influence in the business environment our countries and countries in the region, feminism and ways to protect women’s human rights.

The speakers at the first Vision of Woman conference were successful national leaders, as well as leaders from the region in various fields of activity – from politics to entrepreneurship and creativity, with the intention of motivating and drawing conclusions that will be the basis for future actions in the country and the region in terms of empowering women and promoting gender equality.